Shown here is the installation of Metanoia at the Ewing Gallery at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville. The piece was installed over two days (which included a bit of fabrication not finished prior.) Due to the large scale of the piece, this installation was the first time I had seen the piece as a whole. Yes, crossing your figures does work.

Metanoia is comprised of two rows of seven, roughly 4 x 8 ft fabric panels, with a total dimension of 8 x 30 ft. Behind the black printed silk panels is a row of a light diffusing fabric printed with a transparent silver. This row helps diffuse the light while creating depth to the installation, but also helps to hide the light sources. Each silk panel hangs from a pair of wooden brackets by a metal cable. Turnbuckles allow the panels to be easily attached to the brackets and have their height tweaked if needed.

How the piece was going to be easily installed and potentially travel was a big concern throughout the creative process. This was a practical problem as well as a conceptual one. The structure and lighting of the piece needed to be as inconspicuous as possible as to not interfere with the sublime experience of the piece.

Metanoia is available for travel. If you are interested in exhibiting this piece and/or have further technical questions please feel free to .