Imagination is a very powerful function of the brain that allows one to drift from reality to make discoveries elsewhere. Peering into a cave, fondling a piece of paper, or meditating with the natural landscape is often the little inspiration that one needs to create an entire world. The transformation of these elements into wondrous things is an experience that, with any luck, can be shared with others.

Life is forever moving and evolving, the ever changing landscape offers new perspectives and new discoveries. These seven panels that make up this landscape derive from a still life construction built from found objects such as paper, wood, and plaster. The still life is an agent from which imagery is harvested using a digital camera. This strategy allowed me to discover environments that were before unreachable from a draftsman's vantage. When taken out of context, these mundane objects transform into mountains, valleys, hopes and fears. It is this transformation that allows us to look past certainty and relish in an event that we cannot quite explain.

I invite you to wonder and wander through a landscape of my creation. I ask that you not seek definition, but rather, look, so that you may see.